Family Tent Brands

For many folks, when it comes to making any type of purchase brand names are important. The same can be said for campers looking for camping tents. Buying a tent from a top rated and trusted manufacturer can make or break your camping experience.

Here is an overview of some of the most trusted names in tents:

North Face

The name alone may make you think of mountains. So, when you think of North Face tents, being comfortable, dry and warm probably comes to mind. North Face was founded in 1966 by two California-based hikers. Their brand focuses on high performance hiking and backpacking gear.

North Face expedition tents can range up to $2500-but for those braving the elements of mountains this high ticket price could literally save a life! The model for the aforementioned price is a smaller dome, which sleeps eight. Lower price tents in this category cost around $400-$500. North Face’s three-season tents start at $159, and come in many styles and sizes. The company also offers an ultra-light category


There is probably not a more trusted name in camping gear than Coleman. In fact, that’s their slogan: “The Greatest Name in Camping Gear.” This company has been around over 100 years and makes over 100 camping items, everything from stoves and lanterns to, of course, tents.

Coleman tents are also very affordable, ranging from $50 to a few hundred dollars. There are solo tents, and tents with several rooms that can sleep up to four people. They make backpacking tents as well. Some of their tents come with pet play areas, too!

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Kelty specializes in tents, backpacks and sleeping bags. The company was founded by avid outdoorsman, Dick Kelty, who started his outdoor business making backpacks for his friends in the Sierra Club. Now, his company in addition to other gear, offers several dozen tents, sleeping from one to eight people. Prices start at $89 and go up to several hundred dollars.

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Sierra Design

Sierra Design began improving the wilderness experience in 1965, by offering tents, sleeping bags, clothing and more. Sierra Design’s website has an excellent section for choosing a tent by the activity you are using it for. They offer backpacking tents, family tents and even origami tarps for backpackers or for use on beach vacations.

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is a catalog company that is synonymous with the outdoors. They offer shelters, family tents and backpacking tents of all sizes.