Family Tent Camping Basics – What To Bring

Ready for your family’s first tent camping trip?  Are you sure you’re ready?  Take a look through the items and tips below to be sure you have everything you need to ensure the success of your adventure.

1 – Cooler

Be sure to bring a high-quality cooler to not only keep your food fresh, but to also protect it from various wildlife critters.

We’re big fans of YETI coolers – only have to buy ice once! – but there are many inexpensive YETI alternatives to choose from.


2 –  Camp stove


Do you have a camp stove?  You need one!

There’s only so many sandwiches and Pop-Tarts people can eat…lol!

With an affordable camping stove, your family can have hot eggs every morning and coffee for you.

Nothing smells better than coffee brewing and eggs cooking at a campground.



3 –  Clothing

I’m sure it sounds silly to remind you to pack clothes for your family camping trip, but there are certain clothing items you definitely want to remember.

Keep in mind that temperatures drop at night regardless of what season it is.  Bring clothing items that can be layered as needed to keep comfortably warm.

Also, a waterproof jacket is a MUST.  No one wants to think it will ever rain on their camping trip, but IF it does, you’ll be so glad you have a waterproof jacket with a hood to wear.


4 – Let there be light!

Flashlights and camping lanterns are a must!

Bring plenty of light sources for your trip – you really can’t have too many.

And do NOT forget spare batteries!

We’re a big fan of these battery-operated lanterns because they also have usb ports to charge your phone and/or tablet.

I also keep plenty of them in random places around the house for those times when the power goes out.

The LED light is very bright and the usb ports on each lantern sure come in handy.




5 – Firewood

Yes, you will need firewood, but many experienced tent campers recommend NOT bringing the firewood with you.  When you bring wood from home, you are also bringing bugs and yucky stuff with you (and in your vehicle).

Instead, plan to buy cheap firewood at the campground or right before you get there.

It IS a good idea to bring some sticks from home for roasting marshmallows though  =)


6 –  Tarp Cover

Aside from a good family camping tent, you should also bring a tarp cover to hang from nearby trees to provide cover when/if it rains and shade during extra hot days.



Bonus Tip:  Take time to practice setting up your tent at home BEFORE you go camping.

That way, you will know exactly what you’re doing when you get there… AND you will be sure you have all the pieces and equipment you need.

Best bet is to plan for an extra set of hands when you’re setting up your tent – it is MUCH easier and faster that way.

DO use tent stakes.

Not only will they secure your tent better while you’re camping, they will also make sure your tent is expanded fully and properly.

Have a wonderful camping trip!


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