Kelty Family Camping Tents

Kelty Family Camping Tents

Kelty is a brand of camping tent and other camping accessories based in Boulder, Colorado. They use the backdrop of Rocky Mountains and cliffs to create, test and innovate their diverse products for outdoor camping. The brand has till now been able to bring together all the best features of the latest technology to create innovative and high quality products for its customers. The Kelty brand is among the best producers of high quality camping tents.

One example of a kelty camping tent is the Kelty family tent series. The Kelty Grand Canyon family tent for example has a strong home design. It is always easy to set up because of their poles that are color coded. It also provides ample weather protection with its factory taped seams and the fully equipped rainfly. The tent also offers a large door and a rear window. The tent also offers enough ventilation with the mesh roof and vents in the side wall. The tent also has enough height to accommodate any grown man. Additional space for storing gear and other camping accessories is also provided.

Another example is the Kelty mantra tent. The support of the tent is provided by 7 poles. A combination of sleeves of the pole and pole clip is used to make sure that the material is secure with the frame. The ventilation is provided by four walls on the mesh panels found on the side walls. The Kelty mantra tent also provides a privacy wall to separate the tent into two. This wall is detachable too so that it needs to be used only when required.

The Kelty trail dome 6 tent is one exiting product from the Kelty range of camping tents. This tent has a two pole design and can be used either on backcountry settings or campground settings. The body of the tent features clip construction that is clip coded. It also includes features like mesh ceiling, ventilated side walls, storage pockets and has a capacity of 6 persons.

If you are planning to take your kids or family camping, the Kelty range of camping tents could be a very good option.

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